meet the artist - Belinda Baynes


Belinda Baynes is the uber-talented local artist behind the amazing watercolour on our Fox & Bee gift box.  We asked her a little bit about herself.


'How long have you been painting?'

Painting has been  a relatively new thing for me really.  I have always loved art, fashion and fashion illustration but it wasn't until I had my first child, Kurtis that I started seriously painting.  As a Fashion Designer by profession, I didn't want to go back into the very intense workplace of the fashion world and travel whilst trying to juggle motherhood also.  I already had a lot of experience with fashion illustration so the painting was really just an expansion of that. When I finished my first large canvas I knew I was hooked!


'What is your favourite medium to use and why?'

Watercolours and oils are my favourite mediums to work in.  It is really very dependant on the project.  For commission work, my experience is that many people are looking for large oils on canvases.  I love the freedom and expression you can create in artworks by using watercolours and ink and I love the depth and intensity of colour you can create using oils.  However, watercolours are certainly unforgiving and one false move can often be unrecoverable in a watercolour painting!  In my case it has been very much a lot of trial and error.


'What is your favourite subject matter to paint?'

Horses, anything equestrian and fashion are certainly my main loves and this is very much reflected in my artworks. In saying that, I love it when clients commission me to do a work which is a bit outside my comfort zone as it is often very surprising what you come up with. Trying to understand a client's passion or interest in a certain subject matter is quite an interesting process for me as a lot of research is usually done on my part to make sure I get it right!


'Are you excited to see your work used for Eclectika packaging?'

I absolutely love how the Eclectika packaging turned out!  The black ink, gold foil and brown card looks fantastic and has a very playful feel to it which is great.  It is great to be involved with such a beautiful brand.


Where else can we pick up some of your amazing art?

I have many artworks that can be seen on my website that are available for purchase as originals or prints: and I regularly exhibit at shows around NSW.  I love doing commission work as it is so varied and interesting.  For this I can be contacted at