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​All About Soy

Soy wax candles have a multitude of benefits over traditional, cheap, parrafin-based candles.

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Soy candles:

...are made fom soyabean, which is bio-degradable and renewable not emit any harmful toxins or carcinogens when burnt like traditional parrafin candles

...are soot free when they burn, eliminating any black residue left on the glass jar or around your home.  (Any black that does occur is the result of the cotton wick being too long when burnt - it wipes off from the glass with a tissue)

...last up to 50% longer than parrafin candles

...burn at a cooler temperature than traditional candles, making them safer to use in your home

...have a much purer scent-throw, meaning you smell the fragrance and not the wax

Also, the wax in soy candles is water soluble and very easy to clean.  All of our glass jars can be washed and re-used after you have burnt your candle.